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400 Teacher Evaluations
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1000 Teacher Evaluations
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Access to Web/Mobile Apps
Monthly Progress Reports
Freeform Q&A Lessons
Grades within 24 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does WaiChinese work? 

The basic learning loop is as follows. Once you've been assigned or have chosen content to work on, you'll listen to a native speaker and try to replicate their pronunciation and tones. The real time voice-recognition system will allow you to match up your tones with those of the native speaker.

Once you are happy with your recording you send it off to an expert teacher for their feedback - they'll grade each submission and provide comments. In our Plus and Premium packages your teacher will create custom lessons to help work on problem areas.

In our more advanced Freeform Q&A Lessons you'll be given a prompt and can answer however you like. Your teacher will then give you feedback on your answer and help improve the nativeness of the language.





First Month Discount Deal 

We're running a special discounted first month for the rest of April but only for the next 500 signups.

What's the catch?

Well, because we have human teachers marking your submissions we have to limit this offer to the next 500 students to ensure amazing feedback quality and keep our students happy. 

We're offering our usual $10 / $25 / $50 a month subscription plans at just $1 / $2.50 / $5 for the first month.

That's 1/10th or less of the normal price.


This is the perfect opportunity to see how powerful WaiChinese is. We're confident offering this super low-cost offer because we know after your first month you'll want to continue improving your spoken Chinese with us.

And if you don't then you can cancel your subscription no questions asked. 

How Can WAICHINESE Help You?


Actual Speaking Practice

WaiChinese is the only tool in which you practice speaking your voice and a human teachers helps you improve

Expert Human Evaluation

Unlike many products WaiChinese use human expert teachers to evaluation your speaking.

Save Money on Expensive Tutors

Most tutoring services charge at a minimum of 10 dollars an hours. With WaiChinese the same 10 buys you a month of lesson with a private tutor.

Targeted Personal Lessons

WaiChinese teacher identify areas of weakness in your spoken Chinese and create lesson just for you to help improve on these areas.

Track your progess

Don't take our word for it you can see and hear your progress with the WaiChinese gradebook

Accelerate Your Speaking Skills
Students using WaiChinese accelerate their speaking skills 10x faster then those who study without the system



WaiChinese is a hands-on, “go at your own pace” system now helping thousands learn how to communicate in Chinese…from the comfort of their homes and on the go!

We’ve combined the portability and convenience of “technology-based” learning with the customization of live, human interaction

"The tone visualizer changes the way I think about Chinese, it's awesome!"

WAICHINESE Student Austin Franklin

Only Real Humans May Apply

We just don’t believe it’s possible to truly learn to speak any language without the “human” factor – and that’s why we included it in the WaiChinese memberships. 

Unlike other technological approaches to language learning we don't think it's enough to just tap your screen and expect to learn a language. Instead we believe talking with an getting feedback from a real living human being is the only way.


"WaiChinese not only solves a problem no one else has been able to solve, it is also engaging. Truly a game changed for mandarin learners."

- Nick Winters, Creator of Skritter

These institutions use and love WaiChinese

“ WaiChinese helps students speak better Chinese both inside and outside the class.

I recommend it to all my teachers and students. This is really a great product.”



Dr. Susan Jaine, UCLA Confucius Institute Executive Director

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

We deliver the same experience as sitting down with a private tutor - but in a convenient and affordable, “at your own pace” application.

Our training includes monthly lessons (unlimited access to all of them), as well as personal study material and recordings - customized by a live human  (no robots) teacher.

For the first time See your Chinese Tones

Compare your tones to a native Chinese speaker

See you tones alongside your native Chinese teacher's own tones. Match your tone graph to match that of a native speaker to ensure natural sounding Chinese.

Visualize your tones

WaiChinese's state of the art tone recognizer maps draws your tones on screen as you speak in real time.

For the first time you can see your tones rising and falling as you speak.

A personal Pronunciation Coach in your pocket

Real teachers will provide you with: 

Pronunciation Evaluation upon sign up - discover your strengths and weakness 

Personalized feedback upon submitting recordings - get corrections on your Chinese tones and pronunciation 

Freeform Q&A Lessons - Respond to questions freely in Chinese and receive correction and suggestions on how to make your Chinese more native.

Customized Lessons - focused on your personal problem areas to remove blocks

Email progress reports - to provide a big picture snapshot of your study




"Wow! I thought the teacher was one person who reviewed all Mandarin submissions so you'd spend the minimum amount of time possible on each student and send templated emails. I'm very glad to be wrong.

This is an amazing service!"

WAICHINESE Student Jeremy M.

"I supposed it was something like most membership based language learning tools send new users. Just another welcome message. As I read through it, however, I realized that my coach was, in fact, a real person who had taken the time to look me up and made a point to mention our shared interests


It seemed too good to be true. A real-life coach assigned to help me improve my pronunciation of tones?

I was immediately intrigued and decided to download the app right away rather than wait until a later point."


 Shannon Kennedy

... or keep reading below to see why you can't miss out on this $1 offer.

No idea which is best for you? Most of our students are on the Plus plan as it offers the most flexiblity. Remember you can always upgrade/downgrade to match your requirements later too!

2. What is the difference between the plans?

The basic difference in the plans is how much contact you receive with a real Chinese language teacher. This comes in the form of submissions, custom lessons and speech evaluation reports. The Plus and Premium plans also unlock more advanced Freeform Q&A lessons and allow you to use the mobile app on iOS and Android.


3. Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are all fluent native Chinese speakers. Importantly though they also have very high levels of English - many even grew up bilingual. We think this is important as they are better equipped to be able to help you with pronunciation and tones than teachers who only speak Chinese. Having a little "outside perspective" can help a lot when teaching, especially in languages.



4. Why would I go for Premium?

The Premium is designed for people who want to get to fluency fast. Premium is like an intensive course - you have 1000 submissions for teacher feedback, 20 customized lessons per month (one every working day!) and weekly evaluation reports. It's really like having an on-call personal tutor to guide your Chinese pronunciation and tones. For many people this is actually too much (!) contact time with a personal tutor so if in doubt go for Plus and upgrade to Premium later if you feel that you need more.



5. Is there a limit to how much library content I can study?

No, as long as your account is active you have access to all of our content library. This library is currently several thousand lessons is constantly growing. At the moment it has lots of common sentences, tone pair drills, HSK vocabulary as well as lessons that our teachers have made public.

All of this content is free for you to practice with using the voice-recognition tone graphs or to work with your teacher on.


6. How do I know what content to study?

I'm glad you asked! This is one of the best parts of WaiChinese! We have specially made Speech Evaluation tests that our teachers will guide you through. These are used to get an idea of the level of your Chinese as well as to identify areas of strength and weakness.

The teacher will then use this information to guide your learning and to suggest or create material for you. If you are on the Plus or Premium program our teachers will create custom lessons to focus on your current difficulties so you can solve them together. Then when you take your next Evaluation you'll be able to see your progress as past difficulties melt away!


7. I've tried WaiChinese out and it isn't for me right now. Can I cancel?

Absolutely - contact us at within the first 15 days of your subscription and we'll refund your money no questions asked.

You don't have to provide any information but if you can tell us why you weren't happy with WaiChinese we can use your feedback to make WaiChinese even better for future customers. This would really help us and future learners.




To be absolutely clear here: You'll be getting hours of 1-on-1 attention from a human tutor helping you iron out pronunciation problems in your spoken Chinese. For $1. 

I can't even compare that to the price of a latte without it sounding ludicrous!

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